Mrs. Sassard's Hot Pickled Okra

Mrs. Sassard's Hot Pickled Okra | Charleston Classic Foods
Mrs. Sassard's Hot Pickled Okra | Charleston Classic Foods

Mrs. Sassard's Hot Pickled Okra


Hot Pickled Okra

Okra...for the Southern Soul!

The geographical origin of okra is disputed, with supporters of South Asian, Ethiopian and West African origins. Okra may have been introduced to southeastern North America in the early 18th century. It was being grown as far north as Philadelphia by 1748. Thomas Jefferson noted it was well established in Virginia by 1781. It was commonplace throughout the Southern United States by 1800, and the first mention of different cultivars was in 1806.*

Mrs. Sassard's Hot Pickled Okra is prepared from fresh, crisp okra pods, vinegar, pure cane sugar and Mrs. Sassard's secret pickling spices.

Health Benefits

Like the kiwi fruit, okra is known for it’s high vitamin C, vitamin K, and folate content. Further, okra is known for harnessing a superior fiber, which helps with digestion, stabilizes blood sugar, and helps to control the rate at which sugar is absorbed. Okra is full of dietary fiber, which is essential for colon health and digestive health as a whole.**

Serving Suggestions

• Serve as a garnish in your favorite bloody mary or other cocktail recipe—along with a big ole Shem Creek Shrimp!

• Serve as an appetizer with sausages and cheeses and other pickles

• Serve as a side dish with ham, roasted turkey or baked chicken

• Chop it up and put it in chicken salad or deviled eggs! Yummy!



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