Naturally Charleston - Natural Sprays - Sampler Pack

Naturally Charleston Sampler Pack | Charleston Gifts
Naturally Charleston Sampler Pack | Charleston Gifts

Naturally Charleston - Natural Sprays - Sampler Pack


These all natural bug repellents are made by a husband and wife team right here in the Lowcountry. As a parent, there are many of us that seek products with all natural ingredients when we have our children in mind. Living in the Lowcountry a quality bug spray is very important! We spend so much time outdoors it only makes sense to protect ourselves from gnats, mosquitos and everything else that buzzes by! Tested extensively on volunteers in the marshes and forests of South Carolina where bugs are prevalent, EVADA-BUG has proven effective against all insects, yet is gentle and pleasantly scented.


The Sampler Pack - This combo pack of 2 oz. bottles is a perfect and economical way to try out all four products, or to pack when traveling with carry-on luggage, or else to purchase as a gift package. 

Evada-Bug Insect Repellent   applied in advance of exposure repels all insects, and also great for fire ant stings, all-natural, very effective, gentle, with pleasant scent formulated for both deep woods and wetlands protection. A herbal based formula that outperforms all the competition, Keep a bottle at home and one in the car! Ingredients - Soybean oil  distilled water,  alcohol, neem, cedarwood, lemongrass, citronella, tea tree,  patchouli, geranium, palmarosa, rosemary.

Hot Rex Skin Smoother - Hot Rex , Tanning Oil/Moisturizer

Finally, an affordable tanning oil and moisturizer that is produced from all botanical ingredients—NOT made with the usual pore-blocking mineral oil that remains as a greasy film on top the skin. HOT REX™ is a luxurious blend of eight skin-nourishing plant oils which combine to leave your body feeling smooth all over. HOT REX™ has also gained popularity among our customers who avoid the sun but love the results when they use it as a massage oil or daily moisturizer. Ingredients - Plant oils of rice bran, sesam, sunflower, coconut, aloe vera, shea, jojoba, rosemary, vitamin E and natural fragrance.

Cool Rex Skin Soother - After Sun, Wind, Cold Relief

Nothing is as soothing to skin that has been stressed by the elements as our COOL REX™ formula. Produced from a blend of seven botanical oils with additional healing essential oils of lavender, tea tree and calendula, COOL REX™ contains no mineral oil or chemicals. Instant natural relief from your sunburn, windburn or chapped skin in just one application. Ingredients - Plants oils of sunflower, rice bran, safflower, sesame, aloe vera, shea, jojoba,  palmarosa, tea tree, lavender, calendula, vitamin and natural fragrance.

Rudy’s Repellent Insect Block For Dogs - Insect Repellent

Rudy, a Boston Terrier/Jack Russell rescue, really does live on Edisto Island and swears his product is “the best.” He’s never bothered by mosquitoes, gnats or flies and the fleas don’t like it either. Formulated to be gentle to the canine “nose,” RUDY’S REPELLENT™ is highly effective yet very gentle. Your canine companions will think you bought them an expensive cologne! Ingredients - Soybean oil, distilled water, alcohol, neem, lemongrass, lavender, basil, palmarosa, basil.

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