Mrs. Sassard's Hot Pepper Jelly


Mrs. Sassard's Hot Pepper Jelly


Mrs. Sassard began canning in her own backyard kitchen in 1917. She passed her recipes and tradition down 2 more generations, and people just can’t seem to get enough of her delicious products! Talk about a Lowcountry tradition! These pickles and spreads are perfect for a fancy Sunday Brunch or even a casual weekday picnic! Stock up on these unique delicacies, because they sell quickly!

Mrs. Sassard's Hot Pepper Jelly is prepared from freshly harvested jalapeño and bell peppers, pure cane sugar and natural pectin.

Serving Suggestions

• Serve on a cracker with cream cheese (our favorite)

• Use as a glaze on ham, roasted turkey or baked chicken

• Use warmed as a dip for coconut shrimp or fried oysters

• Serve delicious sweet 'n spicy meatballs at your next party—in the morning before your party, place cooked meatballs (buy them in bulk at Costco or Sams), 1 16 ounce jar of your favorite BBQ sauce (we love Bone Suckin' Sauce—made right here in Charleston) and 1 jar of Mrs. Sassard's Hot Pepper Jelly into the crock pot on low for a few hours! Forget about it, let the crockpot do all the work, go make yourself look beautiful and then serve those meatballs with toothpicks at your soiree! Everyone will tell you they're the best sweet 'n spicy meatballs they've ever tasted!


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