King Bean Coffee Roasters- Columbian

King Bean Coffee Roasters Columbian | Charleston Coffee
King Bean Coffee Roasters Columbian | Charleston Coffee

King Bean Coffee Roasters- Columbian


Kurt Weinberger began roasting coffee in the south when he knew business was booming in the North East but had yet to find its way down to the Lowcountry. His parents’ restaurant was his first wholesale client! We are fortunate to have yet another amazing local company to represent on our site. Between his knowledge for good coffee and his dedication to the craft, we are proud to offer up some of the best coffee in Charleston!

Our Blends and Classics are your tried-and-true coffees, your reliable morning fuel, roasted to highlight regional accents and blended for smooth and classic flavor notes.    Whole Bean 12 oz. bags.        

Coffee production in Colombia has a reputation as producing mild, well balanced coffee beans. Most coffee is grown in the Colombian coffee growing axis region. In 2007, the European Union granted Colombian coffee a protected designation of origin status and in 2011 UNESCO declared the “Coffee Cultural Landscape” of Colombia, a World Heritage site. 


TASTING NOTES: Nutty, Chocolate & Full-Bodied

A classic coffee for everyday drinking. 


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